Introducing MBA’s Across America

The recent coronavirus pandemic has brought unprecedented struggle to the Main Street economy. We are experiencing high levels of unemployment, softening demand and increasing uncertainty. That’s why we believe this is the perfect time to take business skills out of the classroom and onto the streets.

This upcoming summer, several MBA students from The George Washington University School of Business will be offering pro-bono consulting services to support small businesses and entrepreneurs across the nation.

We have multiple MBA teams who are trained and prepared to meet business leaders where they’re at, learn their unique challenges, and partner with them to develop actionable solutions. Consulting engagements will occur June 1st through August 15th for a duration of 2–3 weeks, depending on the organization.

Our team has experience and expertise in the following areas:

  • Financial Analysis & Modeling
  • Marketing & Social Media
  • Project Management
  • Human Resource Design
  • Web Design & SEO

The goal is not only to offer tremendous value to small businesses and entrepreneurs, but also to learn from them. Getting an MBA education is nothing without practical application. And what better place to learn than on the front lines of the American economy!

How It Works:

  1. CONNECT: The small business owner connects with the MBA student team
  2. LEARN: The team acquired knowledge about the business and its current challenges
  3. PROCESS: The team provides rigorous analysis and research to understand potential solutions
  4. DELIVER: The team crafts impactful recommendations in collaboration with the small business owner
  5. RESULTS: The team delivers actionable insights that move organizational goals forward

What Our Clients Are Saying…

“The GW MBA team helped set the reinvention of our business, giving us the platform to fulfill our mission. Even with the unforeseen circumstances of COVID-19, the team adapted quickly to conquer the challenge.”
— Robert, local business owner

“GW MBA students provided great insight into the financial aspects of my startup business, which greatly benefited our strategic plan and direction.”
— Leah, startup founder

If you are a small business owner and would like more information about this pro-bono offering, please reach out to Travis Nicholson via email

Thank you!



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